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How Nutrition & Wellness Consulting Can Help You

Nutritionists provide food and nutrition information, and support people to improve their health.  They provide advice on nutrition-related matters and can modify diets to help manage conditions such as diabetes, heat disease, overweight and obesity, autoimmune conditions, cancer, food allergies and intolerances.

The job of a Nutritionist is to help you identify and eliminate any health issues you are experiencing by recognizing symptoms.  Then, devise an individualized plan to manage and reduce symptoms by addressing nutritional deficiencies, filling nutritional deficiencies through supplementation if needed, reducing the burden on the body from overly processed foods and managing lifestyle factors.  If a nutritionist determines that you need further testing or help, they will recommend you to other health-care practitioners.

Nutritionist can help you detect food sensitivities/allergies and nutritional deficiencies and then assist you in devising a plan to change your diet and lifestyle.  Nutritionist will teach you exactly what to include and exclude in your diet, what the alternatives are and then ensure that you do not miss out on any important nutrients. In addition to all the consulting they provide, they will also provide you with recipes, books and the various tools you may need to assist you in achieving success in the program designed specifically for your needs and goals.

Making choices about your health can be a difficult process with the array of varying opinions and recommendations.  Deciphering all of the information available is challenging and can be overwhelming.  That’s where a Nutritionist comes in to identify your true areas of physical imbalance and create a plan that works specifically for you.


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Client Success Stories

Trish Allan came to me through a friend. I had a physical ailment and I asked her for help. Trish asked me to fill out an assessment form and then after our initial appointment she asked me to buy several supplements and made changes to my diet. I did what she told me to do, followed her protocol for 4 months and consequently I no longer suffer from the health issues I had. I do not take prescription medication and I no longer have the terrible symptoms that I had.

Furthermore, I thought there was no way on earth that I could last six weeks doing what she suggested that I do. I think I’m getting close to 6 months.

I lost 25 pounds without even trying. I was NEVER dieting, and I have grown to LOVE eating the way I do now. Following how I feel, I have decided to make the choice to continue with the supplements and food choices she suggested as it feels natural and right. My energy is higher, and I feel great.

I highly recommend Trish as an amazing Holistic Nutritionist. She responds almost immediately to questions and concerns. I feel she is kind and full of knowledge.

~ Karen LeBeouf







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More Client Success 

Working with Trish for the past 3 months has changed many things for me. I had struggled for years with painful bloating after eating and joint pain that kept me from my favourite activity, gardening. I no longer deal with either of those things- it’s wonderful! My sleep has improved dramatically and I have more energy than I could have possibly expected. Trish introduced me to many new foods and showed me how to use them and make them part of my new way of eating. I also have a much better understanding of how to choose the right supplements for my body. In the processes of learning how to meet my body’s need and getting to the root cause of my bloating and arthritis, I lost a few pounds and feel better than I have in a long time, and at 76 years of age, that’s terrific.

~Anne Cotton




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