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Happy New Year! (I love this time of year)

Happy New Year!

Like the beginning of the school year signals the end of summer and a return to routine, the New Year is synonymous with a time to make changes in one’s life. These changes are often centered on the idea of self –improvement in the area of health, relationships, finance, or fitness. The New Year for adults, like the new school year for children, offers the possibility of a new start, a fresh beginning unmarred by the decisions or circumstances of the past.

This year resist rushing into making changes in your life that may not be entirely appropriate or sustainable, and instead, take pause and evaluate where you are in your life right now, thinking critically about the changes you want to make and how to best position yourself so that they are serving your greatest good and are sustainable over time.

When you are ready to make some changes-

*Start simply

*Start slowly

*Be consistent

*Be kind to yourself

What are you ready to add in to your life? As we enter 2017, it’s not about doing it right, or tackling all the things you’d like to change all at once. It’s about honoring yourself, your body, and all the amazing things it allows you to do and it’s about moving gently towards making changes that serve your greatest good and contribute to your healthy, vibrant life.

I heard an interesting idea on the Happier  podcast that Gretchen Rubin produces with her sister Elizabeth Craft. The idea for a New Year ‘resolution hack’ they shared was to choose a one-word theme or a one-phrase theme that encompasses the things you want to achieve in the coming year.  

When resolutions are  one word or phrase it helps to bring things into focus.  I think of it as the overarching idea for the year ahead around which decisions are made.  Some of the examples of words Gretchen gave were words like rest, repurpose, home, free-time, style, novel, travel, energize, finish, upgrade.  If you’re looking for a health related words think of words like strong, fit, calm, nourish, balance, breathe, glow, renew.  

This can be really useful if you find resolutions made at the beginning of the New Year to be negative, short-lived or overwhelming.  The one-word theme can work as a touchstone that you can easily go back to when you want to steer things in a different direction.  I haven’t tried this approach before but I think I will give it a try for 2017.  My one-word theme for the New Year is consistent.  I chose that word as a health-related word.  I want to get back to getting to the gym 4 days a week.  2016 was the year of sporadic gym workouts- things would come up, my workload got busy and the gym was the first thing I took off my to-do list.  Well 2017 will see a return to regular gym attendance and I’m  hoping the word consistent will be my reminder and touchstone of  how important fitness is to me. 


You can listen to the Happier podcast here to get all the ideas Gretchen shared on the one-word theme.


Wishing you all the best for a very Healthy, Happy New Year!




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