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6 Steps to Start Working Out After You’ve Been Sick or Injured

Anyone who has experienced a period of prolonged illness or injury will understand the impact such a condition has on the body. While the advice of doctors and therapists may include continuing to exercise in a modified capacity, in reality, the energy and physical ability to do so may not be available to the person at all times throughout the recovery process.

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13 Do’s and Don’ts For Coping With Chronic Pain

When a condition doesn’t respond to treatment within the expected time frame, it is considered to become chronic. The change in labeling from acute to chronic signals an important distinction to healthcare providers, but more importantly to the person with the condition and those that love them.

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Tips for Successful Travel with Injury or Illness

Travel is a privilege. Not in the sense that it is very expensive to travel by plane or even by car, but in the sense that it can be very difficult to do for people with health challenges. The challenge can exist for a myriad of issues including muscular-skeletal issues, pregnancy, digestive or autoimmune conditions; virtually any condition that requires day-to-day attention, makes travel difficult.

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