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Giveaway Time!- enter to win a free copy of Joyous Health

Enter to Win!  Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy, holistic nutritionists, was recently published and soon became a #1 Bestseller.  It is filled with lots of valuable health information, a systematic step by step approach to help you make sustainable changes to your health and over 140 recipe!  I enjoyed reading it so much that I […]

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5 Steps to Building Positive Thinking in Your Daily Life

When it comes to your health and well-being, the thoughts you think are just as powerful as the food you eat and the exercise you get.  Your mind is a powerful force with a profound influence on the way you experience life.  It was once thought that eating a healthy diet and getting appropriate exercise […]

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Super Nutritious Hot Chocolate

Healthy Hot Chocolate After removing dairy from my diet a few years ago, I realized that I wouldn’t be participating in a family tradition of Scrabble and hot chocolate on a snowy Sunday afternoon.  My new hot chocolate recipe has everyone sipping and enjoying hot chocolate again while feeling deeply nourished. There are so many […]

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