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"Earlier this year I had a bacterial reaction to a cut by a frozen crab's leg. I was prescribed a drug called Keflex that after taking this drug for 8 days caused another problem, a severe rash from head to toe. The only drug that would help to get rid of the rash was prednisone which can be very hard on the stomach. I started feeling the symptoms also immediately. Almost anything that I ate bothered my stomach. Three months later after continually trying to figure out what I should and shouldn't eat, I was introduced to Trish Allan through a friend who confirmed that Trish was an amazing and very knowledgeable nutritionist. After filling out a lengthy questionnaire about all of my symptoms Trish concluded that I was suffering from leaky gut which is very real but a medical mystery. I was constantly bloated after each meal, I became extremely sensitive to foods that I had been eating all my life. I also lost a lot of weight.

Trish was able to recommend a proper diet that helped restore the lining of my stomach. She also prescribed supplements that helped with the healing.

I found Trish to be so supportive and caring and constantly called to check on my progress. She initially had told me that it could potentially a year to fully recover. With the proper diet change, it took approximately 4 months. Trish is extremely knowledgeable about what she does and she also cares very much for her patients. I am so grateful that we met.

I would highly recommend Trish Allan as a true professional in her field."

Lubelia Janes, Niagra Falls, Ontario​                  



"Trish Allan came to me through a friend. I had a physical ailment and I asked her for help. Trish asked me to fill out an assessment form and then after our initial appointment she asked me to buy several supplements from National Nutrition. I did what she told me to do and consequently I have become healed from my ailment. I do not take prescription medication and I no longer have the terrible symptoms that I had.

Furthermore, I thought there was no way on earth that I could last six weeks doing what she suggested that I do. I think I'm getting close to 3 months.

I lost 25 pounds without even trying. I was NEVER dieting, and I have grown to LOVE eating the way I do now. Following how I feel, I have decided to make the choice to continue with the supplements and food choices she suggested as it feels natural and right. My energy is higher, and I feel great.

I highly recommend Trish as an amazing Holistic Nutritionist. She responds almost immediately to questions and concerns. I feel she is kind and full of knowledge."

Karen E. Leboeuf, Orillia, Ontario​                  



"I have been a client of Trish Allan's for 4 months now.  I started by following her on Facebook and was quite intrigued and inspired by her posts. She in tern offered an introductory rate that I couldn't turn down.  I have found her to be very thorough, with great compassion for my journey.  I have received incredible results so far and am feeling better than I have in years.  My journey is far from over and she stands beside  me with encouragement and support." 

Jenny Rupert, Barrie, Ontario



"I love the way I'm eating, this is a way better life!"

​Karen Marino, Orillia, Ontario​                  



"Working with Trish for the past 3 months has changed many things for me. I had struggled for years with painful bloating after eating and joint pain that kept me from my favourite activity, gardening. I no longer deal with either of those things- it’s wonderful! My sleep has improved dramatically and I have more energy than I could have possibly expected. Trish introduced me to many new foods and showed me how to use them and make them part of my new way of eating. I also have a much better understanding of how to choose the right supplements for my body. In the processes of learning how to meet my body’s need and getting to the root cause of my bloating and arthritis, I lost a few pounds and feel better than I have in a long time, and at 76 years of age, that’s terrific."

​ ​Anne Cotton, Orillia, Ontario​                  



"When I started on this journey with Trish I thought I was nuts because healthy eating, supplements and exercise were not me. I am a person who is very cautious and slow to warm up to new ideas and ways. Trish understood this about me, she took very caring baby steps with me. Trish went at my speed and explained everything I was about to undertake and why and she fully supported me while I was learning how to live on the "healthy side". Trish has taught me so much and I have her to thank for making this life long health journey as easy as possible. If you have the good fortune of working with Trish, be rest assured that you are in very caring and knowledgeable hands."

 ​C. Clifford, Sudbury, Ontario​                  



"Not only is Trish one of the nicest people I've ever met, but she is really good at what she does. I've had MS for over 10 years now and no one has made a difference in my lifestyle like Trish. Which is amazing, considering I haven't been working with her for a long period of time. Her nutritional advice, recipes and tips have improved my fatigue, energy, sleep, strength and mood greatly. Which, has made it easier to deal with everything else! I can't wait to learn more. Thanks Trish, for being the nutritionist and person you are! So glad I met you."

Lilly Cadeau, Orillia, Ontario



"Having reached the ripe old age of 50 plus years, I have found myself at a point where all the abuse I piled on my body had finally caught up with me. Approximately 11 months ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, hypothyroidism and at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. At this point I refused the medication and turned to natural holistic medicine. Now, with the sound advice, kind consideration, steadfast belief of Trish Allan I am enjoying a raw food diet, keeping physically fit and living healthy lifestyle."

Niki. D.F., Mississauga, Ontario​                  


“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Trish Allan. At the risk of exaggerating, I must say it was a pivotal point in my life; let me explain. Having been diagnosed with asthma at the age of three weeks old one can only imagine the bombardment of Western medications my body has been riddled with for the past 20 plus years. For the past two years I have been dealing with a skin issue located solely on my face. Diagnosis- who knows- a myriad of possibilities from fungal/ bacterial infections, eczema, rosacea to acne. Solution, a topical ointment with varying degrees of steroids accompanied with copious amounts of antibiotics, anywhere from a 10 to a 60 day prescription. My solution, stop the craziness. After exhaustive on line research trying to self-diagnose, I found Trish Allan, a fortunate day. From the start I found Trish to be extremely informative as well as an excellent listener. Her advice is solid and without prejudice. Simply put, she really cares. Trish pointed me in the right direction, advising on a natural cleanse, diet changes, personal product changes, as well as, support in my decision to stop the treatments of cortisone and antibiotics. Today, almost ten months later, I feel healthy, vibrant and absolutely convinced I did the right thing. All this was accomplished under the patient and caring guidance of Trish. Thanks, just a little word, but monumentally heartfelt. Many, many thanks!”​

Carmel Markel, Mississauga, Ontario



“Trish helped me identify the lifestyle choices I was making that were stopping me from living the life I wanted. She helped me reorganize my kitchen, my grocery shopping style, food preparation and personal and family scheduling. I now can manage my busy life and feel more in control of my life and health.”

Beth Ferris,. Barrie, Ontario


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