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Sugar Addiction ?

Does sugar addiction exist? Do you consider yourself addicted to sugar, or at least a little bit addicted to sugar?   Like most people, I use to be addicted to sugar.  Very addicted to sugar!   My sugar addition started early.  As a child I would spontaneously eat sugar-cubes- the one’s intended for my mom’s […]

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24-Hour Detoxification That Yields Awesome Results

24 Hour Detoxification That Yields Awesome Results It’s Spring and we all want to lighten up a little.  Switch out the heavy clothing for lighter ones, start exercising outdoors instead of indoors and of course lighten up our diet from the cooked foods that keep up nourished all Winter long, to light and nourishing foods. […]

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Change Your Morning Routine and Watch Your Health Improve

If there was one thing that you could do that would boost you’re energy, help eliminate toxins from your body, improve the function of your digestive system, improve your liver’s ability to metabolize and digest food and help you burn fat, would you do it? Of course you would! You can improve all of these things just by drinking 8 oz. of water with fresh lemon juice in the morning.

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