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5 Simple Way to Make Your Breakfast Healthier

Today I want to talk to share with you 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Breakfast Healthier.  A lot of people I work with often skip breakfast citing that either they aren’t hungry or that they are too rushed in the morning to eat. Breakfast is really important for getting you off to the right start each day.   A […]

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Stuffed Peppers – Delicious Fall Recipe

Stuffed peppers are a recent addition to my recipe repertoire, and they’re delicious. I love experimenting in the kitchen on Sunday afternoons, especially in the fall when food markets are filled with nutritious, local fresh food. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe but the holiday season always motivates me to spend a […]

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Happy Holidays! Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Holidays! I’m sharing one of my favourite holiday cookie recipes with you. They’re really easy to make and incredibly delicious. Plus, who doesn’t love cookies this time of year?! Oh, and the best part, they require only a few simple ingredients that you can feel great about having because they’re healthy and nutritious- but […]

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Quinoa & Rutabaga – a nutritious combination

Inspired by the beautiful purple colour of the rutabaga at my local farmers’ market this weekend, I decided to purchase a few. Having never tried them before, I was a little intimidated, until I discovered how sweet, and delicious they are and how they add delicious flavour to recipes. Rutabagas are high in many nutrients, […]

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