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Support for the Small but Mighty Adrenal Glands

Feeling unrefreshed after a full night of sleep, unexplained fatigue, food cravings, recurrent infections or digestive concerns such as gas, bloating and discomfort? These are all indications that your adrenal glands are being overworked or are in need of a little support.

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My Personal Struggle With Excess Weight

My Personal Struggle With Excess Weight I understand how emotionally charged the struggle with excess weight can be. I’ve been there. While I have shard this with private clients and with people on my mailing list, I’ve never written about it on my blog before.  I decided to share it today because the changes that […]

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Three Ways to Stop Bloating

Bloating is an abnormal, general swelling of the lower abdomen which may cause abdominal pain, increased stomach growling and can at times, be accompanied by gas. This can be caused by overeating, stress and/or not chewing food properly. It’s imperative to avoid those to remain bloat free, but if you are bloated, here are three […]

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Chew More & The Power of Real Food

Feel More Amazing – Chew More & The Power of Real Food  Strategy #5  –  Slow down, chew more.   This one simple strategy can make a big difference.  Chewing your food adequately allows your body to absorb and assimilate more nutrients and improves digestion.   Because you’re taking more time to chew, you’ll also notice that […]

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Feel More Amazing -Don’t Skip Meals & Manage Your Stress

Feel More Amazing – Strategy #3  & 4- Don’t Skip Meals & Manage Your Stress   I see this quite often in clinical practice.   It’s common for people to think that when they skip a meal, they are ‘saving’ calories.   Instead of saving calories, skipping melas typically backfires. By mid afternoon or early […]

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Staying Healthy After Menopause

Staying healthy after menopause ensures that women can continue to have a healthy, vibrant and rewarding life for decades to come. The physical changes that occur during peri-menopause (ages 35-55) and menopause (defined as 12 months after your last mensal cycle) can be challenging for women and their partners to navigate.  There are many changes […]

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5 Steps to Getting a Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important processes for the human body. Along with the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from our food, sleep ensures that the body heals, grows, and replenishes itself. Unfortunately sleep is often an elusive state that escapes us, causing a myriad of problems with health, happiness and productivity. Sleep issues […]

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September Wellness – Feel Fabulous From the Inside Out

The return to structure in September provides us with a really good opportunity to address nagging health, weight and wellness issues that prevent us from feeling and looking our best. Would You Like To: Loose weight & stop feeling bloated Eat healthier without spending hours cooking Be full of energy & stop feeling tired Be […]

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